No matter where we operate, we have an obligation to protect an even greater expanse of real estate: the planet Earth. Our sustainability initiatives contribute to a greener world, while offering distinct advantages to our customers and nearby communities. Environmental concerns have been part of IDI Gazeley’s philosophy since day one, with practices that have set new standards for industrial real estate. Our approach includes traditional aspects of being “green,” combined with reaching out to the communities where we live and work.


Earth-friendly policies encompass all aspects of our organization and are instilled in our practices, both small and large. Our corporate office employs low-flow water fixtures and diverted 95 percent of waste from landfills during construction. Our property management and leasing team provides recycling guidance to tenants throughout North America, as well as resources to conserve water and energy consumption. And our development efforts are a showcase of environmental responsibility.


IDI Gazeley incorporates abundant energy-saving and environmentally responsible features in our state-of-the-art facilities, such as skylights to reduce artificial lighting; storm water systems to reuse water for irrigation; and wildlife protection measures to preserve natural habitats. We participate in the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program to design and construct the world’s most energy efficient buildings and incorporate many environmentally advantageous features, whether or not the building is destined for LEED certification. Owners and tenants benefit from lower utility bills and higher occupancy rates, as well as enhanced worker productivity.


Our company is also devoted to community involvement, including contributions to numerous organizations. As a business, and as individual employees, we participate in charitable activities ranging from fundraising efforts for environmental causes to long-term contributions to educational and health programs. The reason is simple: we live here, too.